This site is still under development!

This is a barebones list as I've just begun creating the site. Keeping the CSS simple-ish might be best for viewing on a mobile but I'll improve it after I work on increasing this list and adding more categories.



1) If the pages appear to be formatted strange on your browser then close all your browser's windows and reopen a new window. Then hold down the keys CTRL+SHFT+DEL. A clear browsing data browser popup should appear; select to clear options like cached images and files, hosted app data, and cookies. After the clearing the cached files finishes, going back to the site should load the latest webpage with the css intact. I doubt this will be a problem for anyone but this is typically a problem for CSS not refreshing.
2) If you are having issues with the site not displaying correctly after following step 1 then try using Chrome. I'm primarily developing the site to run identically on the latest release of Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. I'm not going to waste time making this display identical on IE because it sucks!